Financial solution for international trade

We are bringing a global payment solution to the Middle East, enabling you to efficiently and securely make payments across the world in over 130 currencies. Our financial technology platform provides foreign currency solutions, from spot transactions to forward contracts, effectively within in few minutes.

Solution beyond Boundries

Your payment solution in over 130 currencies to trade without boundries. Brining you partnerships with tier 1 banks mean your access to many emerging market currencies.


Efficient and automated solutions at your desk, including, bulk payment to suppliers through our multi-payment capability with the confidence of our fastest and most economical routes with our global payment service.


We make international payments easy for you with the option to manage your account online, over the phone or by email. Option to execute your own trades while enjoying the best rates and no surprise agency margins.

Payment & Collection capabilities

Our tailored currency solutions can make currency transfers efficiently, even in volatile markets. In addition to the volume of currency, we also bring to you the relationships with market makers and regional banks.

Discover the extensive range of international locations where we can both distribute and collect funds in either local or other currencies.

Arrange meeting with our representative for the demo

Make international payments in over 130 currencies. Our variety of payment schemes means you can send and receive funds fast, increasing the speed of your reconciliation.

End to end payment process

Get in touch

Through our Online forms, get in touch to arrange for the demo and account opening

We book the trade

Once you’ve confirmed you are happy with the quote, We’ll book the trade for you.

Receive Transaction

We’ll send you a transaction receipt to confirm the payment has been booked. You can also view all your receipts through dedicated online account.

Send funds

We’ll provide you with the details and reference number to send funds to us for your payment

Release payment to beneficiaries

We’ll send the payment through our secure network to your beneficiary on your selected value

Receive payment receipt

The payment is sent and you and your beneficiary will get a payment receipt to confirm the transaction is completed

Our International Payments Capabilities


Transact in over 130 currencies

You can send domestic and international payments in over 140 currencies, including many emerging market currencies, such as Brazilian Real and Indian Rupee all at competitive rates.

Online Assistance

Our easy-to-use online portal is free and comes as standard so you can manage your account 24/7. You can trade in over 50 currencies online and instruct payments to your beneficiaries.

Fast Payment

Your payments are sent through the most efficient and secure routes via our international money transfer service. Enabled by our SWIFT membership and global banking partners, your international suppliers can trust that they’ll get paid on time with many currencies arriving on the same day.

Audit Trail

We provide transaction receipts online and by email so you have a fully auditable payment trail. You can review your account history online as well as keep up-to-date with any outstanding balances.

Multi Payment

Bulk pay multiple recipients across multiple currencies through a simple file upload on the Fiduciam Online platform or through your dealer, reducing time spent on administration.


We take the security of your payments and business seriously, so as a regulated Authorised Payment Institution your funds are protected in segregated client accounts.

We deliver well thought, innovative and effective solutions

We deliver results by combining a people centric approach with analytics and leading practices to enact solutions based on deep understanding of organizations, its processes and culture.