In comparison, Integrated Business Solutions (IBS) earns a superior advantage when it comes to serving different business functions, and is reshaping shared services as a core business unit.

The Shared Service Center (SSC) / Global Business Services (GBS) and outsourcing industry, now needs direction to move towards a mature state. However, the global business services (GBS) model currently prevailing isn’t as streamlined as it could be. The industry is pulled in different directions due to external and internal forces be it management disconnect, the political environment or the digital technological disruption.

Driven by internal pressures for process improvement as well as external forces such as digital disruption, shared services and outsourcing are moving towards integration to build tailored solutions for the management. Taking on a more centralized approach brings additional benefits, agility and added value.

Transformation Route

The key for the organizations is to find the right approach for outsourcing their functions. The questions remain which functions should be outsourced when. We help the management to find the best approach based on the criticality and complexity of the functions involved and desired benefits over the time to be achieved.

We deliver well thought, innovative and effective solutions

We deliver results by combining a people centric approach with analytics and leading practices to enact solutions based on deep understanding of organizations, its processes and culture.