Fiduciam for SME

An Online portal for business growth solutions, delivered through a powerful combination of a proactive business advisory team alongside our cloud-based insights and dashboard tool. We provide the complete solution to the management that intend to focus on their business, without the upfront investment in the infrastructure.

We provide our customers with full range of services from data entry to finalization of the books of accounts, with dashboard reporting, tailor made for their business needs.

Virtual Resourcing

A few of the drivers leading to interest in virtual teams include attracting the best workers independent of location, no need to relocate existing workers, flexibility, reduction in travel time and expense, environments requiring inter-organizational cooperation, shift towards service work etc.

The paradigm is quickly shifting to the virtual management style to reduce the efforts by the management in day to day, less complicated tasks to the wider range of non-routine supervision to the non-routine tasks. The solution is provided by tailoring the virtual management tools. Whether management is considering outsourcing your entire finance function or just looking for CFO support on a temporary or longer-term basis, we’ve got you covered with our Virtual Resourcing with the full range of finance services from day-to-day accounting needs, accounting and tax compliance services to structural/strategic advice through the most efficient use of cloud computing.

Dedicated Resourcing

At times, management might have a temporary resource or skills gap, requiring short- to medium-term support on the ground. We can provide flexible resources, across the full range of our professional services, with the appropriate level of experience on a short-, medium- or long-term basis. We can also provide multi-disciplinary resources to focus on getting management over the line in the most effective and seamless way without having to worry about resourcing challenges.

Dedicated resourcing focuses on the needs of the management in most suitable manner. It can be used for various benefits, from provision of servicing to building up process up-gradation or improvement opportunity. Often dedicated resourcing results in converting to more Tailored Solutions for the management.

Managed Services

‘Managed Service’ is a highly collaborative form of outsourcing. This collaborative approach is at the heart of all functions that we perform for the management. The structure is an efficient combination of shared services, outsourcing and local capabilities that ensures the organization to receive consistent services.

Organizations need to fill the gaps of various areas; including, competent resources, technological platform, continuity of services, temporary filling of certain functions. We provide specific resource or technical based solution to the management that can be flexible enough to meet the specific demands of the organization.

Integrated Business Solutions - IBS

Once, the management avail any of the above solutions, often there arise a need to re-evaluate the process being used. This may arise from the fact that utilizing our services identifies the ways the processes can be made efficient and effective, with less efforts. This ranges from re-engineering the process flow, use of information, building up the technical use in data management, focusing on the outcome of the processes.

We have a culture to provide management with the opportunities to be less dependent on the external consultants. We embed the focus of our solutions into the management functions, thus providing the value add and overall improvement towards the wider goals of the organization. Our philosophy is to partner the organizations in their growth to attain the consistency in our services. The most common examples of tailored solutions are revamping of Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables and Treasury functions, where we use different delivery models to create the room for the use of Technical Enablers and Tools to attain efficient ways of performing conventional tasks and reassemble the improved process back to the finance function.

We deliver well thought, innovative and effective solutions

We deliver results by combining a people centric approach with analytics and leading practices to enact solutions based on deep understanding of organizations, its processes and culture.