Diagnostic and Remediation

Managed Services: Automation: Every larger organization has witnessed growth evolution from performing simpler tasks to implementation of complex integrated processes around its financial, operational and technological requirements. On its way, several gaps are left unaddressed that usually causes leakages for the desired objectives of operational efficiencies and cost effectiveness. We, at Fiduciam, bring up required tools to perform grass root level assessment of the processes and provide comparative study with industrial peers to the organizations. This provides the organizations the overall improvement opportunities or initiatives that could be used as a platform for the future roadmap. The outcome of the diagnostics are the actions for the remediation and also practical recommendations, including quick wins, to address issues and to achieve and sustain improvement opportunities. The whole process provides management insight of following to align it with overall business objectives and strategies:

Current state observations
Inter dependencies on people, process, technology and organization
Future state recommendations
Benefits, costs and risks of the initiatives

Managed Services

The organizations deciding on their roadmap for the efficient and effective future outlook identify needs for the support from the service providers to fill the gaps while the organization can focus on its future. The support required entails various areas, including; competent resources, technological platform, continuity of services, involvement of the management for decision making at affordable cost to the organization. We, at Fiduciam, term such support as high level Collaboration with the management. We provide these services as ‘managed service’ which is a highly collaborative form of outsourcing. This collaborative approach is at the heart of all functions that we perform for the management. We recognize the value that collaboration brings to high growth organizations. By working with leading providers across a number of areas, today’s leading companies are benefitting from the experience, scale and focus that collaboration can to bring to their organization. The structure is an efficient combination of shared services, outsourcing and local capabilities that ensures the organization to receive consistent services. Strategic and insightful financial and management reporting are real time and fundamental to strategic decision-making. The relationships we build with our clients allow us to provide a tailored service that gives support when it is needed and frees up people in the business to focus on activities that are required for forward moving.


Process automation enables organizations to automate existing high volume and/or complex, multi-step data handling actions and workflows to run autonomously without manpower. It captures and interprets existing applications, manipulates data, triggers responses and communicates with other digital systems. While the cost and operational advantages offered by automation makes it an attractive proposition, the emergence of Blockchain technology and the related opportunities makes it unavoidable. Organizations must raise the level of automation to position for integration with any blockchain that may emerge in their industries. We offer necessary streamlining leading to introduction of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and allowing the level of automation necessary for our clients.

We deliver well thought, innovative and effective solutions

We deliver results by combining a people centric approach with analytics and leading practices to enact solutions based on deep understanding of organizations, its processes and culture.